Lisa Tidswell

Hi, I’m Lisa Tidswell, the founder of FleeCorporate and Confident Costing. Despite almost a decade working in the manufacturing industry, I was a complete costing novice when I was pinched from Material Planning and Logistics to work in Finance Controlling and Product Costing. Over the subsequent 4 years I learned A LOT about the linkages between costing and profit in competitive industries – and costed projects (and the business won contracts for) worth a total in excess of a mind-blowing 1,000,000,000 Euros! In this time, I was training shop floor operators as costing assistants, defining costing processes for the Western European region, traveling globally to work on projects and even being parachuted into other plants as an internal consultant. While all this was going on I was always conscious that the tools and resources available to big business just aren’t accessible to the small and medium-size businesses that NEED them too (let's face it – you can’t afford another person dedicated solely to costing, and you don’t need to!). So I decided to change that by teaching my SIMPLE 9 step system to team-based product costing.

Brexit Impact on Business - A costing view

Brexit Impact on Business – A Costing View

We’re now through Q1 2021 – the Brexit transition period is well and truly over and we’re starting to actually see the Brexit impact on business. Now, you’re saying “hold up” – this is nothing to do with leaving corporate… and you’re correct in that. But here’s the thing – I’m about to reveal my true self, who has a lot of say on both Product Costing and the Import / Export challenges of Brexit!… Read More »Brexit Impact on Business – A Costing View