Newbie Affiliate Playbook – Affiliate Marketing for the Beginners

Now as you all are aware, I’m fairly new to affiliate marketing, my first site only went up in January and I made a load of mistakes (I know its the best way to learn, but still very frustrating). I’ve been following the Wealthy Affiliate training (and using the hosting and the community for support) but I was after something that could really distill down what I was learning into the key elements of affiliate marketing for the beginners. So yesterday morning I bought the Newbie Affiliate Playbook. I have to say, I was completely prepared to be disappointed and ready to have to rely on the 30-day money-back guarantee, but instead, I was blown away!

This article contains affiliate links if you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links I will get a small amount of income, and you will get my thanks (and also an extra free gift that I’ll tell you about in the Exclusive Bonus section). Please see our Affiliate Disclosure for full details.

Why Am I So Impressed by the Newbie Affiliate Playbook?

When I purchased this info product I was prepared to receive a “follow along exactly” system, you know – like a rinse and repeat recipe for newbie affiliate marketing success. But what I got instead is the bones of a long term sustainable business plan, involving all the classic, proven marketing and business techniques that I’m already familiar with from both studying some marketing in the MBA, and spending more than a decade in corporate roles.

The second element that really spoke to me was the ethical approach to marketing which was intrinsic in this product. Unlike the many “hard sell” or videos promoting traffic creating activities which exist within the ethical grey areas (all of which I’ve encountered so far seem to be created by men and aimed at men…) which I find very off-putting both as a consumer and a marketer, this product embraces delivering genuine value to your customers – hurrah!

Affiliate marketing for the beginners
Screenshot of my purchase of the Newbie Affiliate Playbook – Just to prove to you that I did actually buy it, yesterday!

So – What does Steve do for you in the Newbie Affiliate Playbook?

The Newbie Affiliate Playbook is based around a case study of Steve’s first 5 figure launch which took him onto the affiliate sales leaderboard 6 months after starting affiliate marketing! Now I like a case study approach, which means you can see the theory in action and visualise how you could do it too.

Sales and Marketing Theory

You are considering purchasing the Newbie Affiliate Playbook because it will solve a problem for you – this is the basis of sales theory, and a core element of the model that Steve walks through in the Newbie Affiliate Playbook. So let’s consider the pain points that made me make this purchase yesterday

But if the Newbie Affiliate Playbook sounds a bit too much right now, and you want to learn affiliate marketing the way I have, with loads of support around you at all times, why not have a look at my first choice of supportive environments and read why Wealthy Affiliate was my choice to learn affiliate marketing.

The Pain Points

  1. I don’t have a lot of website traffic – I’m in a bit of a catch 22, I need traffic to make money and it feels more and more like I need money to get traffic!
  2. How do I get approval to sell people’s products without having a history of sales to prove that I can send valuable traffic to their offer?
  3. I’m being bombarded from all sides by people trying to sell me products and services, but I’m bootstrapping my business – so what do I really need to spend money on?

The Long Solution

  1. Traffic – Now, I could keep plugging away as I am, and because I’m stubborn and driven my long-tail keyword content will continue to slowly rank on Google and Bing, my Pinterest and YouTube strategies will continue to bring me a growing trickle of traffic. Hopefully, in 6 months time, I’ll have created enough authority through the creation of 60 to 100 website posts to get 100 unique visits per day (that works out to creating and posting high-value content once every 2 to 3 days for 6 months straight).
  2. Approval to sell? Take a trial and error approach to introducing myself to vendors (now I’m a bit of an introvert, so trying this and knowing that I’m going to get it wrong some of the time and I will be rejected is going to be extremely dishearting). So, I guess I could just focus on offers that I don’t need to be approved for – and miss out on the exciting stuff.
  3. Where to spend my money? – I’m still not sure, because everyone wants me to buy something. Somewhere around all the content creation I guess I need to do loads more research into what I actually need.

So – it appears I’ve just created myself another full-time job just to get traffic, start to get affiliate commissions and figure out what resources my business actually needs. Now, I’m not shy of hard work – I did an MBA while working 50+ hours per week, but even as ambitious and driven as I am I know I’m not going to hit the base 6 month target of new content creation of once every 3 days, and that’s without everything else that needs to be done!

The Better Way

So, I guess by now you’ve figured out that there must be a better way – I’ve spent the last couple of months looking for it, I’ve been disappointed a number times but then I found the Newbie Affiliate Playbook in my email inbox yesterday morning and decided to take a punt on it. Steve has managed to help with all of these pain points and more in this course, in a way that I can implement, understand why it works and how to modify it to suit me and my business

  1. Traffic – The Newbie Affiliate Playbook has strategies that beginners to affiliate marketing can easily use to increase their traffic and build email lists. Think leveraging the power of Facebook Groups, Quora or even a brief introduction to gaining traffic by launching your own product. In addition – not all traffic is created equal, so there is a huge amount of information about creating email lists from scratch, employing classic marketing principles like segmentation, positioning (pain points is part of this), and gaining targetted traffic. There are also some cool free tools included.
  2. Approval to sell and Gain Review Access – How about having a tried and tested method (it worked for me last night to become an affiliate for the Newbie Affiliate Playbook in less than 12 hours). On top of this, there is also a key section from the vendor perspective giving additional insight into what they particularly are looking for when approving beginner affiliates without a track record to support their application, and some key tips on getting review access to the programs.
  3. Where should I Spent My Money? – Unlike the other affiliate marketing guides I’ve looked at recently, Steve has achieved this success with a moderate spent, and the programs that he recommends can be used to add extra value as supplemental strategies (like Webinar’s and offering contest prizes for instance), but are not necessary to start out.

The FULL Newbie Affiliate Playbook Contents List

Newbie Affiliate Playbook contents
Welcome to my home screen on the Newbie Affiliate Playbook member’s area

Introduction Module – 3 Introductory Videos, including Steve Harvey (the creator of the case study), Paul O’Keeffe and Richard Fairbairn (Expert Affiliate Marketers and Content Creators – throughout the course they offer the vendor’s perspective, tips and tricks that they’ve found to be continually successful over a period of years, and some of their favourite tools)

Lesson 1 – How To Find Guaranteed 6 Figure Leaderboards Module – 2 videos, a detailed walk through of how Steve finds good affiliate offers that are likely to be successful and suitable for his audience, and a video where Paul show’s how he and Richard pick their offers. Also included is Paul’s list of the top 50 JV groups on Facebook.

Lesson 2 – How To Get Review Access Module – 2 videos, a detailed video by Steve of how he got accepted to promote offers as a complete newbie affiliate marketer, a detailed “What not to do” video by Paul from a vendor’s perspective.

Lesson 3 – Do You Know Your Audience? Module – 2 videos, a video by Steve relating classic marketing techniques applied to affiliate marketing (segmentation, positioning and targetting the right audience), a video by Paul on how to use surveys to learn what your customers want. A free copy of Richard Fairbairn’s ‘Survey Leads’ WordPress plugin with 5 site licenses!

Lesson 4 – Adding Targeted Users To Your List Module – 2 videos, another key traffic resource as Steve goes through the exact techniques he used to build his targetted email list from scratch, and a video from Paul showing how he used contests to build a list of 666,019 subscribers over 5 years. Also included is a free download of Paul’s list 136 free traffic sources (related to contests) he used to build his massive subscriber list!

Lesson 5 – Positioning Module – Its back to marketing theory with a video by Steve focusing on the key concept of position your buyer so that they are best placed to make a purchase.

Lesson 6 – Maximising Opens and Clicks Module – 5 videos in this section, Steve goes through exactly what he did to maximise his opens and clicks. This super important section contains 2 free bonuses – Richard’s Email List Studio software, and Email Domination Training Course with additional videos from Steve walking you through how to get started.

Lesson 7 – Review Video Module – Steve walkings your through the importance of review videos, and how he sets up and publishes his reviews.

Lesson 8 Bonuses Module – Steve’s video guide to increasing your sales by creating bespoke and exclusive bonuses.

Lesson 9 – Webinar Module – 2 videos – Have you ever wondered how to use webinars to increase your sales? Steve goes through how he did exactly that in the case study and Paul has a video on why everyone should be promoting webinars for mid-high ticket commissions. As a bonus, Paul has arranged guaranteed affiliate approvals on 8 mid to high-ticket auto-webinars.

Tools & Resources Section – so those tools that we were unsure whether we needed or not, you can take a look at exaclty the tools that Steve uses. There are also some more free downloads and some special offers on products that Paul and Richard swear by too.

What you get – the Presentation of the Newbie Affiliate Playbook

This course is presented in the form of a series of video clips accessible through the members only area. The videos vary in length with the longest being just over 16 minutes long. In terms of value, video clips up to 16 minutes doesn’t seem like they could impart huge amounts of value, but I have to say, I got a lot more from these clips some other programs that had longer videos without as much valuable content.

I also think the shorter video length makes it easier to digest the information and I’d really advise getting up and moving around between videos, and not just for your physical health. I am a firm believer that by pausing between learning sessions, taking notes and moving around we allow our brain to start to organize the information that we have taken in – its the start of the sensemaking process that we will rely on when we go to put this training into practice.

Exclusive Bonuses

Exclusive Bonus

When you purchasing the Newbie Affiliate Playbook via any of the buttons on this page you will get a free DFY (Done For You) YouTube Thumbnail to reflect your brand. Just send me your receipt number once you’ve made the purchase and we’ll get it all sorted for you.

Included Bonuses

Bonus #1: Access To Bonus List Building Training

Free Access to Email List Studio Software and Email Domination Training to complement the detailed training that Steve provides.

Bonus #2: Access To Video Ranking Training

Steve delivers insight into using SEO techniques to rank your videos, how top marketers rank every-time, using videos gather leads and creating engaging affiliate promotional videos

Bonus #3: Access To The Marketers Collective

Entry to the exclusive Facebook group with direct access to Steve (I messaged him last night and he responded first thing this morning!)

Bonus #4: Exclusive Access to the High-Ticket Sales System (only available to the First 100 sales)

A video course showing you how to high ticket sales the same way that you’d get medium ticket sales.

Additional Freebies!

Free 5 Site License to Survey Leads Software

Access to a list of the top 50 Facebook Launch Groups to know about the new launches before they become public knowledge!

Access to a list of over a hundred of the best free contest submission websites for generating new users for your email list

Guaranteed approval to promote 8 medium / high ticket autowebinars

Free Access to 24 Hour Commission Academy!

Launch Upsells and Downsells (Get them before midnight EST on the 10th of April):

OTO 1: 4x DFY Campaigns – $67 (Downsell to $47)

OTO 2: 5 Figure Campaign Framework – $47

OTO 3: Resell Rights – $97 (Unlimited, Get 100% Commission) (Downsell to $77)

OTO 4: 1-2-1 Coaching – $147

My Gripes with Newbie Affiliate Playbook

This is one of the best programs that I’ve encountered to date; however, as we know nothing is perfect and it would be remiss of me not to let you know of the areas that I think could stand with a bit of additional support.

  1. There is an explicit assumption that you have a website that can support at least a landing page to host your video review. If you have a free domain they are not likely to allow you to monetize it in this manner. You will also require some basic skills to create your website landing page (if this is how you wish to go about it).

Personally I would get around this issue with one simple step – learn how to create a website and get one free SiteRubix site hosted with the Wealthy Affiliate Starter Account, this way you can try it out for free and I can mentor you through the first stages of getting set up. Wealthy Affiliate is where I learned to properly set up a WordPress Account, and they still do all my hosting on a very reasonably priced premium account. Nip across here and have a read of why I like them so much.

2. While this is aimed across the spread of Newbie to early intermediate marketing, I am a bit concerned that while it delivers great value, it might be a bit overwhelming for a complete newbie – while I appreciate that there is not a “first this, next that” approach, there isn’t anything explicit defining where exactly Steve would recommend starting.

As a very recent Newbie (I only started Affiliate Marketing in January), I’m still coming across areas of complication in what seems like the simplest tasks. For instance, in order to setup an email autoresponder and start building your email list you need to have a legitimate physical address to put on your emails – this seems simple, until you realize that there are numerous reasons as to why you might not want your address floating about in public.

Rather than trying to tackle it all at once and becoming overwhelmed, I would recommend that a complete newbie pick one element to start – for instance build the list first and get good at that before monetising it, or get really good at doing affiliate reviews with just YouTube and then add a landing page, and then move onto the email list. This will prevent becoming overwhelmed and demotivated.

I’d Definitely Buy Steve Harvey’s Newbie Affiliate Playbook Again

Even after my second time through Steve Harvey’s Newbie Affiliate Playbook video course I’m still super impressed by its value. I got even more out of it going through it for this review (and I’d taken three pages worth of notes the first time through), and unlike some video courses, it wasn’t tedious to go back through it.

Would I buy it again? Definitely, despite my dislike for courses which are presented purely in the video format this course was well laid out, and delivered the value that I wanted at the price that I paid.

The price is going up…

Act fast though – this is still in the launch phase, which ends 10th of April 23.59 EST – when the price is is set to go up!

But if the Newbie Affiliate Playbook sounds a bit too much right now, and you want to learn affiliate marketing the way I have, with loads of support around you at all times, why not have a look at my first choice of supportive environments and read why Wealthy Affiliate was my choice to learn affiliate marketing.

14 thoughts on “Newbie Affiliate Playbook – Affiliate Marketing for the Beginners”

  1. Thanks for your review of the affiliate playbook. I have heard about it but have never looked into it. Your review is very detailed and provides good reasons to purchase it. I have been in affiliate marketing for a few years now and it is a great model that does take time to get traction with. I have been focusing on the long tail keywords for the most part, some of the methods you indicated are in the playbook intrigue me. I will check it out. Thank you.

    1. Hi Robb,

      Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate that someone with your level of experience has taken the time to look at my first product review.

      This was the first time I’ve encountered a program that I felt strongly enough about to do a review, and I’m glad my choice of program is intriguing to you!


  2. As a beginner in affiliate marketing myself, it would be really good if I was to have a guide like the affiliate playbook to save me some time doing trial and error. Thank you for sharing a comprehensive review of it. I will definitely look onto it.

    1. Hi,

      I’m so glad that you found this post helpful. I was amazed at how much value I got out of the Newbie Affiliate Playbook – I hope you find a way to reduce the time spent on trial and error. I wish you the best of luck in your affiliate marketing endeavours!


  3. HI Lisa!
    thank you for this review! I am also new to Affiliate Marketing world and I found your review very helpful indeed. You’ve done a very good job!

  4. Hi Lisa,

    I’m very new to Affiliate marketing and I found this post
    Very informative. I have done other kinds of online work
    And I totally agree with the doing one kind of strategy at
    A time until you have mastered it.
    I have never heard of this info product, but after reading your review
    I must just take a look.


    1. Hi Lisa (great name!),

      I’m so glad that you found this post about the Newbie Affiliate Playbook to be informative – it really is a great resource.

      I’m even more firm on my beliefs about mastering a strategy now – after two full days (one of working my way through all the videos and content) and one of writing the review, recording the YouTube video and doing all the associated admin I’m absolutely exhausted! Its amazing how much energy it takes to learn new tasks – but it was great practice to implement only a handful of the suggestions from the Newbie Affiliate Playbook in this review – there is more to be learned for the next time!

      Thanks for your comment!
      Kind Regards,

  5. Affiliate marketing is the only part of blogging that I have not grasped. It looks like your review of Newbie Affiliate Playbook is that complete guide that I will need to finally nail affiliate marketing. As you said, there are a number of ‘EXPERTS’ trying to sell you everything and it is difficult to decide where to put your money. Reviews like this help and gives an insight into what Newbie Affiliate Playbook is about.

    1. Hi Bolupe,

      Thanks for your comments, I agree with you completely – the actual blogging and getting posts indexed on google isn’t very difficult once you figure out a few key things (like long-tailed keywords, and updating your site map). But until I’d been through the Newbie Affiliate Playbook I have to admit I wasn’t confident in my skills or comfortable to approach any other affiliate streams other than Amazon Associates (on my niche site).

      That’s why I was so keen to promote this info product – and I was so pleased at the reception that I got from Steve when I apporached him to promote the Newbie Affiliate Playbook in the way that he’d outlined!

      I wish you every success!

      Kind Regards,

  6. As a newbie affiliate marketing I can say that I love programs which have value to offer and it sounds like the newbie affiliate playbook is a great way to get started.

    I also love that they have so many bonuses

    1. Hi Thabo,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it and I’m glad you enjoyed the review!

      I have to say I’ve been blown away by the bonuses – and at the moment they just keep coming! I’ve been getting emails from Paul O’Keeffe and Richard Fairbairn for the last couple of days with even more extras included (there are so many resources now at my fingertips that I’ve actually had to start a spreadsheet to keep track of them all).

      The only other thing I will say about the bonuses – is its almost become a bit overwhelming, therefore I’m planning to track them for use later on, but concentrate on using Steve’s models from the Newbie Affiliate Playbook to start. Otherwise, I’m a bit concerned I’ll go down a rabbit hole and spend all my time doing bits of training, without the key implementation stage, which is the one that actually generates the income!


  7. Hi Lisa. Thank you for your informative review. Sound like it is a good worth buy. I like your video. I will definitely look into it. Thank you for sharing.

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