Introduction to Creative Techniques – Bitesize Resources

In this FleeCorporate Bitesize Resource, we are going to briefly introduce the concept of creativity and creative techniques. Creative techniques are used to assist in the generation of new or innovative ideas. In a 2016 New Your Times article Adam Grant, a well respected organizational psychologist and academic from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania says: “Creativity is generating ideas that are novel and useful” Adam Grant - Your brain has standard thinking… Read More »Introduction to Creative Techniques – Bitesize Resources

my choice for online income success

Wealthy Affiliate – My Choice for Online Income Success

So I needed some help. I’d decided after significant research that the passive income stream that I wanted to create was going to be based online. The best option that my research found to start was affiliate marketing. But I knew nothing about how to create a website, how to optimize it for organic traffic and where to find affiliate programs – indeed I’d tried it before, I’d put in loads of effort creating a… Read More »Wealthy Affiliate – My Choice for Online Income Success

cheap start up businesses

Focus – My Cheap Start Up Businesses

So, I’ve added a new constraint to my startup plan – my new businesses have to be inexpensive to launch. And by inexpensive I actually mean I will be focusing on cheap start up businesses. There is a method to this form of thinking. By focusing on minimizing cost early on what I’m effectively doing is watching the pennies, and as everyone knows, if you watch the pennies the dollars (or pounds or Euros, etc)… Read More »Focus – My Cheap Start Up Businesses

creative thinking problem solving examples

Visual Creative Thinking Problem Solving Examples

Using my how to create a home-based business “problem” to generate creative thinking problem-solving examples seemed like a no brainer, after all, it’s the work that I’ll be doing anyway, so why shouldn’t I be sharing it with you. As a very analytical person, creating lists and other “wordy” techniques is well within my comfort zone, therefore to start this off I decided to push myself into the visual side of creative problem-solving techniques where… Read More »Visual Creative Thinking Problem Solving Examples

How to Create a Home Based Business for Beginners

Hold on! In the last post, you were talking about being a digital nomad – not creating a home-based business! Fear not, there is a lot of cross over between businesses that are suitable for a digital nomad and those that are home-based. In the current economic climate, with ongoing travel restrictions, nomadism isn’t looking like a positive short term option – so how to move forward? I’ve decided to broaden my approach and explore… Read More »How to Create a Home Based Business for Beginners

what does a digital nomad lifestyle look like

How To Make Money As A Digital Nomad

So, for millennials lifestyle is important. The definition of lifestyle and the definition of millennials both seem to have been in a position of flux over the past 18 months. So for my purposes here, I’m defining myself as a millennial (I was born in the ’80s) and I’m defining lifestyle as something very personal. For my personal lifestyle definition, I love the idea of freedom to work anywhere, and thus it means I need… Read More »How To Make Money As A Digital Nomad

The plan for success - feature

5 Simple Steps to Crafting the Plan for Success

The elements that you look for in your life to determine that you have been successful may be completely different from the elements I would consider. For instance, I’ve just handed in my notice on a secure, well paying, well-respected management job with excellent benefits – for someone this job probably signifies the peak of success. However, not to worry, I have been working hard to consolidate the plan for success. The best definition of… Read More »5 Simple Steps to Crafting the Plan for Success

Big Life changes I quit my job without...

Big Life Changes – I Quit my Job Without A Plan

Just before the weekend, I quit my job without a concrete plan of what I’m going to do. I still have my notice period to work, and it’s not yet been announced, but after that, I am reliant on my savings until I find another source of income. This is a strangely liberating feeling for someone as analytical as me. I haven’t been without a plan or a job since I finished university. I am… Read More »Big Life Changes – I Quit my Job Without A Plan

About Flee Corporate

Welcome to Flee Corporate! In the process of taking control of my life and moving from an employee to an entrepreneur I thought, hold on, there are definitely other people out there trying to do this as well! So I recorded a bit of an introduction to you. My Story I have always followed the well-trodden path, did well in school, went to University, and then got a job. I’ve spent the last 15 years… Read More »About Flee Corporate