Big Life changes I quit my job without...

Big Life Changes – I Quit my Job Without A Plan

Just before the weekend, I quit my job without a concrete plan of what I’m going to do. I still have my notice period to work, and it’s not yet been announced, but after that, I am reliant on my savings until I find another source of income. This is a strangely liberating feeling for someone as analytical as me. I haven’t been without a plan or a job since I finished university. I am… Read More »Big Life Changes – I Quit my Job Without A Plan

About Flee Corporate

Welcome to Flee Corporate! In the process of taking control of my life and moving from an employee to an entrepreneur I thought, hold on, there are definitely other people out there trying to do this as well! So I recorded a bit of an introduction to you. My Story I have always followed the well-trodden path, did well in school, went to University, and then got a job. I’ve spent the last 15 years… Read More »About Flee Corporate