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There is so much information available, that it’s often complete overwhelming. Once you’ve steeled yourself to start going through all of the information critically you’re in for an immense task. To help combat this I’ve started saving all of the bits of information, definitions, ideas and media that I’ve found helpful – or that I’ve been pointed to as helpful by various mentors.

Now, there will be some of these that will have associated affiliate programs – and if I am a member of those I will declare it next to each link. There will also be resources where I’ve found an element of the resource (perhaps a video) helpful but had challenges with other elements. If this is the case I will include this information too. I’ve split the resources into 3 subpages to help with navigation, and they’ll be regularly updated. If there is anything that you’d like to see differently please get in contact!

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Brexit Impact on Business - A costing view
Brexit Impact on Business – A Costing View

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Type A Entrepreneur
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RBV of the firm
3 Reasons Why I Value Resource-Based View Examples

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Planning in detail
Writing Blog Tips – 4 Steps to Planning in Detail

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